Your Special Event Venue
Weddings . Receptions . Celebrations . Parties . Retreats
Blue sky days transition to star filled nights with outdoor dancing and music under soft glowing lights. Our barn provides indoor seating for up to 125 guests along with an additional 102 seats under covered patio. The canopy of the Kansas sky, combined with soft festival lighting and manicured grounds, provides for unlimited outdoor expansion.

Wedding Events

Wedding Showers, Receptions, Bridal Parties  

Parties & Celebrations 

  Anniversary, Birthday, Graduations, Reunions and all kinds of Celebrations
Our indoor seating can accommodate 125 guests, plus endless spaces outdoors under the stars. Both wooden and round tables and chairs available.

Meeting & Retreats

  Corporate & Business Meetings  Organization & Business Retreats 

​Our barn is a great place to host a meeting that lends itself to rural setting venue. Also, think about us for your one-day retreat. Spending time inspiring one another and let the beautiful Flint Hills move you to think beyond the norm.

Large Dinner Parties

Farm-to-Table Dinners & Long Table Italian Dinners

Grab many of your friends and family members and have a unique, under the stars dinner. Find yourself sitting among your loved ones in a long table and enjoy a delightful meal and drink.  

We will make your wedding day distinctive, stylish &  

Comforts Include: 
  Bride’s Carriage House Dressing Room
Men’s Dressing Room
Men & women’s Bathrooms
Serving Bar
Many Photo Opportunities
Caterers Prep Area & Refrigeration
Covered Patio Seating & More

We will make your event unique,
tasteful & affordable.